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Mood Paint: Get high-quality, original music for film and TV

Led by score composer D.N.B. Pedergnana, Mood Paint Music provides original soundtrack music for film, tv, commercial ads, video games, and new media. Direct-license and use royalty-free music immediately.

Mood Paint creates original music for film, tv, ads, games, and new media—led by composer D.N.B. Pedergnana (ASCAP).

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Distinctive Music.

Equally adept at drama, suspense, and whimsy, Pedergnana paints emotion with an unusual sonic palette. His music can color a silent room with the roar of a character's thoughts. Or it can lure a busy street into meditation. Even after the lights come back up, a sonic trigger holds in the imagination.

Full Support.

Beyond music, Mood Paint offers many different post-production and technical services, including:

  • sound design
  • dialog fixing
  • mix engineering
  • motion graphics
  • video editing
  • multimedia & web programming
  • DVD authoring
  • technical writing

Mood Paint. Indulge every mood.

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